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Recommended Reading

  • 2011 Mobile Technology Survey
    The American Association of Museums conducted "research among its members to assess the use of mobile technology in museums and the attitudes that museum professionals have towards mobile technology." From the results, the organization determined "goals that museums have for their mobile programs."
  • Digital Archaeology: Recovering Digital Objects from Audio Waveforms
    This paper addresses the preparation necessary to store and extract media as technology advances. The research conveys that by re-engineering the format of the waveform, data can be captured from a digital audio stream.
  • The EDUCAUSE 2011 Core Data Service Report: Highlights and Insights into Higher Education Information Technology
    This report summarizes results from the 2011 EDUCAUSE Core Data Service survey data. More than 800 institutions participated this year and contributed data for an expanded set of topics, including data centers, information security, research computing, and distributed IT. Key findings, important trends, and similarities and differences across different types of institutions are highlighted.
  • Evolving a Learning Analytics Platform

    This paper was presented at the first international annual Learning Analytics Conference, held in Banff, Canada. The paper discusses how learning analytics can evolve into robust data collecting systems that ultimately benefit both students and teachers.
    - oystein.johannessen oystein.johannessen Feb 16, 2012--Hope to see "new-designed" report cards (a learning analytic report) for students/parents that reflect improvement and growth rather than scores and grades that often report content learned or not learned.- michael.lambert michael.lambert Feb 17, 2012- chris.brown chris.brown Feb 20, 2012 - karen.andrews karen.andrews Mar 5, 2012 :Great potential in having a tool that allows students to visualize their strengths and focus on the areas they are weak in -also supports UDL principals.
  • Facebook Study: Bad Students Chat, Good Ones RSVP
    A new study has suggested that specific behaviors on Facebook are stronger predictors of how well/poorly a student will do academically rather than looking at how much time is spent on Facebook in relation to academic performance.
  • Global Digital Communication: Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide

    Pew Research Center explores the age and demographic statistics behind some of the most common uses of mobile devices, including texting and social networking.- jan.morrison jan.morrison Feb 15, 2012
    - oystein.johannessen oystein.johannessen Feb 16, 2012- chris.brown chris.brown Feb 20, 2012
  • The Impact of Social Computing on the EU Information Society and Economy

    This in-depth report gives an overview of social computing's impact on the EU's society and economy. While Europe focused, many of the issues can be applied to other parts of the world. - Larry Larry Apr 25, 2011
    - oystein.johannessen oystein.johannessen Feb 16, 2012 - deirdre.butler deirdre.butler Mar 3, 2012
  • Interactive Instrumental Performance and Gesture Sonification
    This ongoing research by Kirsty Beilharz of University of Technology Sydney explores gestural interfaces for allowing artists and musicians to augment art installations and musical performances in real time.
  • A New Laboratory Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System for Behavioural Tracking of Marine Organisms
    Researchers are using an RFID system to track marine animals’ behavior, even in saltwater, with a network of antennas set up in a given area that read data from the tiny transponders attached to the organisms as they pass by.
  • New Learning for a New Society
    eLearning Europe gives an overview of how learning is changing mirroring the changes occurring in society impacted by information technology and new media.
  • An Open Source Platform for Internet-based Assessment

    This report extensively covers the use of open source platforms as a cost-effective and efficient way to conduct assessment. The study also includes results from numerous interviews and sampling efforts.
    - oystein.johannessen oystein.johannessen Feb 16, 2012
  • The Rise of Apps Culture: Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
    This report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project looks at the impact that mobile apps are having giving rise to an "app culture" among mobile device users. The study notes that while apps are used by younger adults and men in general, many people do not take full advantage of these and do not know just what their devices are capable of doing. It notes that apps are still in the early stage of adoption.jan.morrison- jan.morrison jan.morrison Feb 15, 2012- chris.brown chris.brown Feb 20, 2012 - deirdre.butler deirdre.butler Mar 3, 2012- karen.andrews karen.andrews Mar 5, 2012